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Law of Attraction is Just One of Seven!

Posted by Mary on Jul 6, 2011 in Blog, LOA Science | 493 comments

7 stones 300x240 Law of Attraction is Just One of Seven!Did you know that there are seven natural laws of the universe?  The Law of Attraction is certainly our favorite, but it isn’t the only law at work in our life, determining the path we are taking.  Like it or not, all of the laws are in effect whether we are aware of them or not.  Let’s get to know each of them and take them into consideration when trying to effect change and betterment.

The Law of Attraction and Vibration. Everything is vibrating energy on a frequency.  Vibrations of the same frequency resonate with each other, so like attracts like, including your thoughts, because they, too, are energy.  Consistently focusing on a particular thought or idea attracts its match.  Get out your vision board!

The Law of Relativity. A perceived impact or value of an event or circumstance is what it is only in relation to something else.  This is why we often say, “well, at least….” or “it could’ve been worse.”  Getting relative scale will help keep you in a more positive vibration, which is where the abundance is.

The Law of Cause and Effect. For every action, there is a reaction.  Every outcome has a cause, and your thoughts are the cause of the effect or situation you are in.  So it’s true, be careful what you wish for—you will get it.  Check yourself, your thoughts, and your limiting beliefs.  They are the source of your experiences.

The Law of Polarity. Everything has an equal and exact opposite.  Always remember that every seemingly negative situation or challenge as within it a positive opportunity.  Look for the good in all situations.  Not only will it help you face challenges, it will get you more quickly into positive-vibration mode.

The Law of Rhythm. Everything in the universe has a natural cycle of ebbing and flowing, expanding and contracting.  The tides go in and out and day turns to night. Through good times and bad, the key to success is to learn to “go with the flow” and not fight the undertow.  People waste too much energy resisting the rhythms of life. You know the saying: If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

The Law of Gestation. All things in the universe have a gestation period; they take time to manifest. Seeds planted resonate with the elements to grow into trees.  Ideas are like seeds that require the right thoughts, actions, and vibration to grow into the desired manifestation of that idea, and it’s imperative to allow the right amount of time to pass so that idea can gestate.  Be confident that your goals will become reality when the time is right—don’t dig them up too soon!

The Law of Transmutation. Energy moves in and out of physical form and from one vibration to another.   It also moves from the nonphysical to the physical. We love John Assarf’s example in Having It All Law of Attraction is Just One of Seven!:  The various energies of the sun’s rays shine on a tomato plant, which uses those energies to grow a tomato by making molecules.  Energy stored in the molecules are passed on to you when you eat the tomato and you convert that metabolic energy into kinetic energy when you ride a bike or take a walk.  The energy is never created nor destroyed, and nothing is constant.  Assaraf says that your thoughts are the most potent form of energy there is, because they have the potential to transmute from the nonphysical to the physical all the time!  Focus the energy of your thoughts into actions and into creating the physical manifestation of that energy.

When you begin to dig a little deeper into all seven of the natural laws of the universe, you’ll see how they all work together to create the forces you experience due to the Law of Attraction.  Consider them all when creating your vision board so that your visualization is more impactful.

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