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The Science of Vision Board Magic!

Posted by Mary on Jun 28, 2011 in Blog, LOA Science | 7,171 comments

magic 300x281 The Science of Vision Board Magic!Visualization, focus, mindfulness, attention.  These are the buzzwords you have come to hear about the Law of Attraction and how to manifest all those wonderful things you hope to have in your life.  You want it to work, you’ve heard it works, yet you’ve had to smile through your friends and family telling you to stop wasting your time on that “hocus pocus.”  But perhaps you’ve caught yourself having doubts and pushing through to keep the faith that the magic will happen for you.

HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS!  The Law of Attraction is not hocus pocus. There is actual science that proves that your focused attention on what it is you want will bring you to the desired outcome. The fact is that what you are doing when you are focusing on the outcome is actually affecting your brain. That’s right, physically affecting neural pathways and connections. And how does THIS help bring on the magic?

All the answers, right paths, seeming coincidences, and valuable information you need to manifest your goals are all out there to be had.  What you are doing by working on your brain’s neural plasticity is enhancing your mind’s ability to find those valuable insights, overhear the right conversations, and open up the possibilities to bring you to your ultimate destination.

Don’t believe us?  This is a MUST-READ article from a great source,  How Conscious Attention Effects Positive Change in the Brain by Athena Staik.  Enjoy!  And please give us your comments.


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